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The University has several different retirement plans, all designed to help employees save for retirement.

The 401(a) Defined Contribution Retirement Plan is funded by the University for employees who are eligible to be enrolled in that plan.  Some employees may be eligible for and enrolled in a Utah Retirement Systems Plan.  See the University-funded Retirement Accounts page for additional information.

The University also has two retirement plans for employees to defer pre-tax or after-tax money.  Employees can contribute to one or both plans up to annual limits set by the IRS.  See the Employee-funded Retirement Accounts page for additional information.

Employees may meet one-on-one with a licensed individual from Fidelity Investments, HUB International, TIAA, or Utah Retirement Systems (for employees who have accounts with URS) for assistance in calculating saving needs and choosing investment options.   See the Manage Your Accounts page for additional information.

The University also has resources to assist employees as they are planning to retire.  Eligible retirees retain access to some University benefits, including retiree health coverage.  See the Planning for Retirement and Retiree Benefits pages for additional information.

University-funded Retirement Accounts
  • 14.2% Contribution to 401(a) Defined Contribution Retirement Plan
  • Utah Retirement Systems Plans
  • Plan H Benefits for Certain U Health Employees
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Employee-funded Retirement Accounts
  • Comparison of Plans
  • Making Contributions
  • Withdrawals
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Manage Your Accounts
  • University Plan Investment Providers
  • Getting Started
  • Setting up Investment Options
  • One-on-One Consultations
  • Naming Beneficiaries
  • Changing Investment Providers
  • Loans
  • Rollovers Into University Plans
  • Withdrawals and Rollovers Out of the University Plans
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Retirement Plans Advisory Committee
  • University employee CIS login required
  • Presentation Materials
  • Meeting minutes
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