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Home Eligibility for Benefits

University faculty and staff hired into positions expected to last nine months or longer and working 50% FTE (20 hours per week) or more are eligible for enrollment in University employee benefits.

The following employees are also eligible:

  • Tenured and tenure-track faculty members with an appointment at .375 FTE (full-time equivalent) or greater
  • Employees who have qualified under one of the other categories and are currently on an approved Phased Retirement Agreement

Non-University Employees or groups are eligible for University employee benefits, as follows:

  • Post-doctoral trainees being paid through a grant and working at the University with other University employees.
  • Members of the Utah State Board of Regents throughout their period of appointment.
  • Employees for whom the University processes payroll and provides access to employee benefits, including: Utah Humanities Council, Huntsman Cancer Foundation, Huntsman Mental Health Foundation, Utah System of Higher Education, Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education, and my529, who are employed in positions expected to last nine months or longer at 50% FTE or greater.

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