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Parking is extremely limited for Employee Appreciation Day, so we highly suggest our volunteers utilize campus shuttles or the TRAX system to get to the event and make it on time for their volunteer shift.

If you do choose to park, please be sure to arrive at one of our EAD parking lots 15-20 minutes ahead of your shift to give yourself time to scope out a spot.

Here are parking lot options available to our guests and volunteers, first-come first-served. Please note these lots have parking moratoriums in place, meaning no one will be ticketed if they choose to park there for the event – no extra permit is required. If you choose to park in a lot not listed here, you may be subject to a parking ticket.

Main Stadium Parking Lot 001

The main stadium parking lot (Lot 001) is located off S. University St and 500 South.

Please note that there are reserved stalls managed by a parking lot attendant in Lot 001. These reserved stalls are for the event’s vendors, sponsors, activities/entertainment and approved University of Utah leadership volunteers only.

Guardman Way Parking Lot 040

The Guardsman Way parking lot (Lot 040) is located by the U’s Public Safety building on Guardsman Way and 500 South.

If you park in Lot 040, you can either:

  • Walk from the lot to the Stadium (approximately 0.5 miles/15 minutes to Gate E’s East Volunteer Entrance)
  • Hop on the Guardsman Way & South Campus shuttle via the BSB/Downtown & Hospital EAD shuttle route and get off at the College of Social Work to enter through Gate E’s East Volunteer entrance

Shoreline Ridge Parking Garage Lot 081

The Shoreline Ridge garage (Lot 081) is located near the Shoreline Ridge dorms on Medical Tower Way and S. Medical Drive on upper campus.

If you park in Lot 081, head along the Bonneville Shoreline trail past Red Butte Garden, and hop on the Research Park EAD shuttle route from the Natural History Museum (approximately 0.4 miles/10 minute walk)