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At the University of Utah, people are our greatest assets. The Human Resources Training & Development Department is committed to helping our faculty and staff to cultivate the skills and knowledge necessary for success by providing numerous professional learning opportunities. A well-equipped workforce is essential to best serve the needs of our organizations and our community. Whether you are looking to acquire new knowledge, or just want to hone existing skills, the Training & Development Department exists to help you with your professional and personal aspirations.

1. Certificate Programs:

The University of Utah Division of Human Resources offers certificates programs designed to increase participants’ capability and confidence in skills that are essential for professional success.

To earn a certificate, individuals must attend all required in-person workshops, as well as complete any required online courses. Participants will have one year to complete certificate programs from the date they begin, as material may be updated on a yearly basis.

Track your progress on your My Learning page in Bridge, and when you’ve completed the program requirements, a link to your certificate will be automatically issued on the same My Learning page.

If you have any questions about any of our certificate programs, please email us at

2. Onsite Training, Group Facilitation, and Retreats:

3. HR Processes Training:

4. New Employee Orientation:

We hope these online resources will be helpful to you as you begin your career at the U. Please select the Orientation process for your position:

5. Administrative Support:

Welcome to the Administrative Support Staff resource page. This page is designed to help new employees at the University that deal with daily administrative and payroll related tasks. Please use the content here to help connect you with the training you will need to perform your day-to-day tasks. Also please consider taking one of our Administrative Support Staff in person training sessions which are coming up soon.

Check out our eCoach guide and our Training Matrix which can help direct you towards training resources here on campus.

6. Training Resources:

There are many resources in the university community to help you acquire, enhance or develop professional skills in the role that you have. Here are some links that will help you identify potential resources:

If you cannot find the resources you need or want to talk further about your requirements e-mail

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